Thursday, July 14, 2011

NYX Candy Glitter Liner in El Dorado

So today I bought this Candy Glitter Liner from NYX in the color of El Dorado!
This color is a gold glitter but it also reflects iridescent/rainbow ish colors in the light!
I bought this color to wear in the inner corner of my eyes for my birthday party this Saturday!
My dress is all gold sequins!

You can apply this in a line as it is supposed to, or you can spread it out with your finger!
I love this! This is very similiar to the Urban Decay glitter liners but way cheaper!!


  1. Oooo looks great. I love glitter liners, they look great for a night out xx

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  3. Cute! I love glitter.

  4. Im gonna have to check those out Thanks ;)
    p.s Nice blog
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  5. gorgeous!!! can't wait to see u do a look with it! I love your header picture!!! so gorj! what lipstick were u wearin??

    btw, just wanted to say thank you for followin my blog... =)

  6. @Annettee I know I was wearing a nude from MUFE, but the # is rubbed off with the Sephora natural look shiny gloss #14!!

  7. i love this! it would look really pretty under the eyes as well :)