Tuesday, July 5, 2011

MAC Haul. July 5th, 2011.

Today I received my package from my online order from MAC!! I'm so excited it came and I can use these products that I've been so anxious to try!!

The first item I received was MAC's iridescent loose powder in Silver Dusk. It's a beautiful light-weighted powder with a beautiful iridescent silvery-glow. This works wonderfully as a cheek highlight which I know will be my main usage for this! You can dust this on lightly or really pile it on for heavy iridescent pigment. You can also use this as a highlight on your brow bone or to add an extra pop on the inner corner of your eye! The glitter in this product is not overbearing. Definitely worth the money! Below is a swatch of the product!

This next product I received is my all-time favorite concealer. I've tried other concealers and have survived, but I keep coming back to this. This concealer is the studio finish with a 35 SPF. My color is NW30. I just love the consistency of this concealer, the full coverage I get, and how little I need to use to get my desired coverage. Definitely one of the best concealers out there!

The last product in my package is a MAC lustreglass in the color Morning Glory. I was really looking for a cool-toned pink gloss to put over a nude lipstick! This was exactly what I wanted. 

This gloss has a really beautiful lavender-ish glow to it, and the glitter in it is the perfect amount! I am so happy with this color! Swatch is above, and the below photo shows it on my lips with no color underneath!

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  1. That lipgloss is gorgeous! I wish I could pull off lavender :)