Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mini Sephora haul from early June.

The first product is Alterna's Bamboo Kendi Oil. This product is amazing, I can not emphasize enough how much it has bettered my hair ALREADY! This oil will help to strengthen your hair and smooth it down. I've also noticed it's helped with split ends. Back in the fall I went really light with my hair which was terribly damaging, and this product is helping to repair my hair. This is a natural product. Hurry up and buy this product, It will run you about $24 at Sephora. Alterna also has a fantastic Beach wave spray that I think trumps Bumble & Bumbles!

 The next product is a body butter from The Body Shop. Sephora now carries The Body Shop products, which is fabulous!! I bought a smaller size in beauty-to-go to see if I liked it. The coconut scent is amazing. It will instantly put you in a daze, dreaming of tropical beaches! This product will condition your skin, smooth it, and moisturize it to the max. I love this! I only paid $5 for the small size too!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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